I'm ready to go but now I'm stuck.

Hello all. So I’ve finally decided to give the MPCNC a shot after reading on it for a long time. I’ve started printing parts running both printers for the last few days. I’ve been using the parts list on the site but once I looked at the assemble instructions it appears that some of the parts are referenced by saying use this OR this. (Use the matching Bottom_Corner and Lock_Corner parts or BottomM_Corner and LockM_Corner parts.) Another example would be CRoller and CRollerM, are both needed?


Thanks in advance!!!


Yes, the “m” is mirrored. Meaning 2 left (regular) and 2 right (Mirrored). The parts list shows how many of each to print.

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Thanks now it makes since. Is there a preference for the Nut Lock (11 vs 13mm) and the coupler 5/16 vs 8mm?

Just depends on where you live on the planet and what is available locally if you aren’t getting it from me.