I have some questions before buying this thing. :D

I use a homebrew CNC machine, but I’m intrigued by this thing. I have some questions.

What kind of speeds are folks getting through wood?

This thing uses NEMA17 motors? Can you use bigger motors or are you stuck with 17? I’m quite in love with my NEMA23/24 and the increased torque. If I’m an idiot here, feel free to tell me. :smiley:

Can this be mounted vertically? My current machine is hung on my wall, which I rather love for floor space.

How solid is this thing? I’m just asking for a general impression.

Quick run through.
Speeds. on all my videos I have posted the speeds and depth of cut info on all the vids. It varies greatly by type of wood.

So my take on 23’s are don’t do it. If you think you want them because other “small” machines need them this is different. This machine you 2 per x and y axis. So you are already getting double an you aren’t also fighting the long lever issue. This machines weakness is rigidity not power.

Vertical, for storage, sure if you take the heavy cutter off of it. But I feel this would lead to inaccurate cuts if you always used it in this manner unless your were just using a Dremel type tool.

Solid, for me the creator, it does what I want it too. Could it use more, yes. Although every machine you will ever use you will eventually want more. I cut wood and plastic with no issues at all, aluminum takes careful setup and a little better knowledge of tool pathing, but I have several aluminum videos. Again, it does well for me, but I am very biased. I also have never used another company’s “small” machine so I have no idea if mine/this is better or worse than anything under $5K.


What if the machine was long, but not wide?


The “x” axis would be short, and the “y” axis wouldn’t be bending, as it’d be vertical.

I have limited shop space… I’m pretty adamant about the thing being mounted vertically. :smiley:

That depends a lot on you z axis length and tool weight. I really can’t give you numbers as I have not tried this

You might, MIGHT be able to get away with it diagonally, but you’d probably want to upgrade to chains instead of belts. Kinda like this thing. https://buildyourcnc.com/item/cnc-machine-greenLean-v1

Who knows though, no one has tried it that I know of.

You’ll probably find the the x axis would drop to the bottom of the y when the motors turned off.