How to connect a drill + Firmware/Software question

Hi to all,

i’m just building a Mostly Printed CNC, i’ve already made the mechanical parts and i’m finishing to wire the motors.

Soon i’ll buy a drill and i want to connect it to the machine.

My question is: i buy the drill and after it how i will connect it ? Talking with a friend him has tell me that i have to cut a wire (near the plug that go in the wall) and i have to connect it with a relay that will be plugged on Ramps (for example, in the slot made for the bed heating in a 3d print).
So, when the signal for bed is actived, the relay close the circuit and the drill turn on. This is the right way ?

The second question is about the firmware/software.

I’ve see that the firmware used is Marlin and the software is Repetier Host.

I’m using Repetier Host for a 3d printer, where the layer “grow” from bottom to top, but if i have to use a Drill the sense is reversed, i start with a solid and the drill cut the surface going down. How this setup is made?

Thanks a lot to all!

So your drill/spindle is operated by hand you turn it on and off before you start and when you finish by hand. It does not get plugged into the ramps board. You can but it takes some extra electronics.

Repetier is the control software, it is just what talks to the machine. You make the gcode in something like ESTLCAM, and then load it into repetier for cutting, if you are printing You can use repetier for it all.

Thanks for your reply!!

So, in repetiterhost i’ve to “slice” the model like i do in my 3d printer ?

If yes, you have published some configuration?

If not, how i should do ?