How Square is Square Enough?

Hello all! I’m presently knee-deep in assembly and, despite measuring to the my best efforts, it seems that things haven’t turned out perfectly square. I’ve attached pictures of each axis to give you an idea of what I’m talking about. What I’d like to know is what I’m doing wrong trying to correct it, as there wasn’t any wiggle room at all in the middle assembly with everything loose. I’m going to disassemble back to that point again this evening just to be sure.

As well, I was curious to know whether the timing belts on all four sides can compensate for this degree of issue?

Thanks in advance for any insight on this!

Are the 4 corners square? I would loosen the middle assembly, make sure the 4 corners are square, then tighten the assembly again. I don’t see any way to compensate for it with the “timing belts”.

I would bolt it down first, then double check.

Did you assemble the middle with the z axis in place like in the instructions?

So after a few more hours of tinkering this evening I noticed there was a ton of play for me to twist the axis. Taking a look at the roller assembly I saw that in all the pictures your rollers were staying upright on their own, whereas mine were too loose to do so. I’ve since tightened them up and there is hardly any play at all now.

Having done so, after disassembling and reassembling the middle assembly, and I put in the Z axis after installing tension bolt C as instructed. The picture below is the end result. One point I have noticed is that the problem areas are in the top-left and bottom right corner, with the former being too close and the latter being too far. Would this imply that the middle assembly is, indeed, square and that my issue lies with the base?

thanks for your insight so far!

You have a nice grid right there on the floor line it up and see what the frame looks like.

Do you have a square of any kind to check the center section like in my instruction pictures?

That grid is a good idea. I assume I should do it with the platform upside down so that the play in the feet does not factor in?

And yes, I’ve borrowed two such items from a professor at my school. I’ll be attempting to use them to further square both the frame and middle assembly. In regards to the latter, once I loosens up all the tensioners, just how much play is there supposed to be?

You really need to mount it to a table and square it like the instructions. Every time you move it it will change until then. Make sure to assemble the middle like the instructions and get it as close to square as you can checking with square. And mount the frame to a table as square and level as possible, measuring corner to corner and set the height at each corner, then put the gantry on the rollers and you should be goo to go.

Understood, I’ll do as you say. Sorry for the Trouble.

I return! Since my last response I’ve gotten a platform, as well as a squaring tool. To be honest, I had it 100% perfect until I lifted the whole thing up from the floor, and the gantry slid around with a bit of force. The one axis is still good, but there’s a difference of .125 inches on the other. Is that negligible enough?

I’ve just ordered the wire harness so I’ve got a bit of time to kill anyways, so I can take another go at it if I have to, but I’d rather avoid it if possible.