How about a M3DP...?

I would love to see a M3DP Camera slider.

Also a M3DP Solar Tracker.

And a M3DP Camera Gimball. Or a M3DP Sand Polisher.

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I did one of those for a final project in school, as a tangential nasa project. I made a basic tracker, super easy with arduino and had a parabolic dish track the sun to try and cook a crystal window. It was being tested to hold back molten salt in a power plant in the desert. That professor contacted me a little while back and said they were about to mount it on the roof of SDSU finally!

The tracker was just a couple lines of code and a few photoreceptors in a shadow tube. Like this


I really need to finish my star tracker. I printed all the parts, just need to buy the hardware.

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Here’s from a reddit-thread on r/mpcnc:

MP Camera Arm

MP Croissant Roller

MP Water Pump

MP Bandsaw

MP Newtonian Reflector Telescope or this Tube Telescope

MP Lab Grade Microscope | Better link here

MP Motorized Camera Slider

MP Astrophotography Tracker (Thanks /u/mondoman712!)

MP RC Cars (Based on real cars, too!)

MP Seed Planting Octocopter from /u/armagin and a bunch more MP Quads here and a Micro 105 FPV Quad Here

MP Electric Unicycle

MP Centerfuge

MP Violin or MP Violin or Fiddle or a Guitar

MP Drawing Machine

MP Electric Coffee Maker

MP Robot Arm

MP Yarn Spinner

MP EggBot/Egg Drawing Bot

MP Nerf Blaster (High FPS)


Hey, the openastrotech star tracker is what I’m building.


How about a M3DP pinball machine?


I built that one!


I want a mostly printed Power Armor, Fallout style. Can we do that? :smiley:


I’ve just finished the Tarmo 5, by engineeringns. It’s a beast!! I haven’t gotten a proper tryout in daylight yet, without snow or ice. But it’s certainly a powerful toy.


Nice! Snow ice, put a blade on it. Make it a 6x6 or even tank tracks!! Did you design it yourself? I like the arms. Look robust