Hot End temp. turns off during print


I did my first print and it didn’t turn out great and the I realized that I didn’t save the slicer config after a made the suggested beginner settings found here. So I reconfigured slicer and saved the setting. Now when I try to print the hot end temperature heats up as per the settings and after the the skirt path is done the temperature shuts off and the will eventually stop extruding. Any Ideas as to why this is happening?

Attached is my first print :frowning:

Thanks R.


Most slicers have a first layer nozzle temp and then a temp for all following layers. Check that.

Thanks for the rapid repose. I did check that in the Slic3r filament setting tab and the first layer is set to 205 & the Other Layers is set to 203. Is this the setting your referring to? Bed is set to 0 and 0 as I do not have the bed connected yet.


Zip your gcode and lets see it. Or you can check to see it the gcode is turning off the hotend or if it is something else.

here’s the gcode.

one more time, here’s the gcode…

endstop-new_v4.txt (837 KB)

I have no idea what is going on with your gcode but your nozzle keeps getting turned on and off.

M104 S0 —this means set the nozzle to temp 0, you Have a few that set it to 203 then back to 0

Maybe uninstall and reinstall your slicer.

check your starting gcode, I think it might be in there