Help cant power up

Ok I screwed up…While trying to wire a endstop for a z probe, I crossed a wire on the endstop while the z stepper was moving and heard a nice popping sound unplugged the power and now when I plug the power supply in to the Ramps board the LCD screen shows a white box. If I unplug the power from the ramps board and connect the USB to the Arduino the LCD comes on and displays correctly but as soon as I Plug in the ramps power I get the White box and loose connection through the USB, Just need to Know which to replace

Thanks John

Pretty sure you popped the 5v regulator on the mega. If you send a closeup near the usb port we can look. I sell replacement components if you can solder pretty well.

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Thanks, I don’t see any burn marks on the boards

Where the numbers “1,2,3” are on the component between 2 and 3?

They all look shiny nothing scorched, The black looks a little discolored above the 3,I guess Ill just try replacing the mega first cheap enough(don’t think my sodering is good enough to replace the regulator) and even if it not the mega cant hurt to have an extra board

Thanks Ryan

I posted a video here a while back that shows the technique for replacing IC’s like a regulator.