Help! All set up but no movement

I’m new to all of this so please forgive my ignorance. I have everything assembled and downloaded but when I’m test the manual movement I get nothing. There is power to all the motors when I test them

I have a PC, I’ve check the baudrate (seemed to be a possibility for the problem). Repetier keeps saying that there are commands waiting.

Is it a problem that each time I plug in the usb Windows is looking for updates from Rambo?

Again I’m a novice so any advice is much appreciated.

Here is my setup.

Did you install the arduino IDE first and let it install it’s drivers?

Windows 10, tablet or PC?

I had it install. I just did the uninstall/reinstall and still nothing.

I’m using an old computer, XP, because this was going to me garage computer. Do you think it’s the version and should try the newer Mac?


Yeah, it could be the XP. It is extremely old, extremely. MAC isn’t all that maker friendly but there is an mac version of repetier.

There’s a linux version for repetier. I haven’t tried it yet though. Hopefully that Xp machine isn’t allowed on the internet.

Ok thanks! I dusted off that old computer hoping it would work (figured it was a long shot and it seemed to work at first but it was false hope…) After reading up on the XP concerns… I’ll take it to be recycled.

Going to buy a new computer and start there.

Can you tell I’m a novice? Haha thanks for your patience.


Double check your COM port speed setting in Repetier-Host, there shouldn’t be any issue with running on XP, but if you have a speed mismatch they won’t talk to each other. Should be 250000 IIRC.

Good news! I purchased a new computer and I’ve got movement! What a relief.

Thanks for the support.

Cool, I wonder why XP didn’t work though.