Hello from Ukraine

Hi guys. Hi Ryan

Oh, I was not here for a long time…

I’m Guffy, author of Fusion 360 post processor that probably many of you use with your MPCNC.
And I’m from Ukraine. I’m from Odesa.

As probably many of heard it is full size war in our country. Russia came to our land. 24 February at 5 am. There is 7 days of war their blitzkrieg completely failed. They became so angry so last days begun to just bombing civilian. It’s war crime.

Anyway, we not going to surrender and proud of our army that shows exceptional fight and motivation.
I’m ok. I’m at home and help as i can. Evacuated my family to Moldova.

I came here to say Thank you to you guys and your goverments who giving us unbelievable support these times. Together we will get Victory over this bastard putin.
We will to win!

Ps. I’m sorry if such posts is not applicable or allowable in your community.


Politics aside, I hope you and your family remain safe.

Where I live we have a very large Ukrainian population, and I’ve seen many care package donation drives around town.


@guffy wow, I am so sorry that you and your county are going through this. The strength and determination that you guys have been showing against incredible odds is impressive. I hope that you and your family are able to stay safe and that the international pressure forces Russia to back down quickly to minimize further loss of life. Take care!


Thanks guys!
It seems we will need a lot of efforts to repair our country after the end. But i believe with help of Americans, European and all other people around the world this will be done. Yesterday we got acceptance from EU to start a way to be a member, with using speedup procedures.
I hope we will win. In these dark days we became exceptionally united, as never before.
And Russia (and Belarus too because they also involved) switched to the way to he isolated and pure country. It their choice. Ok.

I don’t want make politics here. And defenitely not going to post here any shocking photos or videos. You may google it if any.

But if anyone have questions i will answer. That’s it


The bravery and resolve of the Ukrainian people is an inspiration to us all. The will of the world is behind you. Stay strong and safe. You will succeed.


I am a church man myself and I pray every day for your nation, my friend, please be careful in those trying times. I am an army veteran and I cannot believe what is going on with Putin. I hope for a peaceful resolve.


We often come here to get away from the news and politics. But when someone is directly affected, you can’t escape. Thank you for sharing, Guffy.

I wondered how much of the V1 community was in Ukraine. You have had a huge impact on the project with your post processor and projects.

I hope you stay safe. I hope this conflicts gets smaller and not larger soon.


Hi Guffy
I am an Italian and I live in Lombardy, Northern Italy:
I assure you that everyone in Italy is baffled by the Putin-induced war. While this is not a great consolation to all of you, we are preparing to welcome some 800,000 Ukrainian refugees. At least 100,000 only in Lombardy (my region).
The Ukrainian community in Italy is very numerous.
I hope that this madness will end soon and that the whole united world can influence Putin on putting an end to this dramatic situation.
I wish you to stay safe while waiting for better times.
A hug from Italy


Good wishes to you, your family, and everyone else suffering through this.


I have my doubts we can even consider the actions of a narcissistic psychopath as ‘politics’.

I’m 2nd generation Ukrainian-American, I can only hope for a quick end to the unprovoked violence being perpetrated by this Tsar wannabe.


Hi guffy,
From east Tennessee, we support you.
Stay strong and safe.
Stand proud
J keith


Hoping to hear back from you soon!

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@Guffy Stay safe man, I wish we’d do more to help your situation.

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This sucks dude. I really hope this is over soon. I hate seeing the news feeds full of this and not being able to do anything in this day and age. Stay safe, be strong.


I’m ok guys. we are standing and not going to fall :slight_smile:


I’ve been feeling weird about the forum for the last week. Normally I appreciate the fact that we are able to shy away from politics and petty fights. But what is going on now is not the regular bickering, it’s truly frightening and overwhelming. I feel restless, sad and angered, and I’m not able to do the usual “zoning out” with tinkering and the forum. I’m glad to hear that you are doing okay Guffy! You are not alone, the whole world is paying attention, and we are both sad and angered together with you!


Thank you for support guys!
Last year before the war I played an online game in a team with guys around the globe. They also support me in our whatsapp group.
It’s very appreciated)
One of famous youtube blogger from South Africa made great sond in cooperation with singer from of one of our famous music band. I hope you will be enjoyed

God bless you all guys!


Hello Guffy,

Greetings from Florida.

My heart goes out to you and all Ukrainians. I am awed by the incredible bravery and resolve shown by the Ukrainian people. They are Patriots of the first order.

I trained in the US Army as a Russian linguist. It was our job to intercept and disrupt the communications of the Russians. As a former soldier, it frustrates me no end that we as Americans can do no more than provide material support. I understand the reasoning, but it is my hope that we and the rest of the free world will not continue to stand by while Putin wages war on innocent civilians.

Please stay strong and know that the world is pulling for you.


Hey Guffy,

I can only echo the support already pouring out for you and your countrymen and women. From the defiance of your diplomats (“No purgatory for war criminals” and “I need ammunition, not a ride” come to mind), to the fierceness of your military (the reply of the staff on Snake Island should be mandatory for all military history), to the steel of your citizenry (grandmothers telling Russian troops to take seeds so flowers will grow from their corpses), you have shown tremendous strength in the face of Putin’s naked aggression. I am also moved by the compassion shown to the poor children Putin threw at you, who did not know they were invading a sovereign country (using their cell phones to call families in Russia to tell them their sons are alive in Ukraine, and how to recover them).

It is a truly horrific situation, and one I could never comprehend (and likely never survive, I am too soft), but based on everything I’ve heard, your country is doing better than anyone would have expected, based on pure numbers. Which leaves the balance in the spirit and heart of your people, and the pride and unity your have in your country and your freedom.


I’ve not been on the forums in a while and just saw this. I lived in Ukraine for a while in the 1990s, so I know know many people who are affected, mostly in Kyiv and Kharkiv. It’s hard to think about much else for the last week. I wish you the best and hope this ends soon.