Heating Failed printer stopped issue

Hi Guys,

I have the following issue when I use the MPCNC:
At the very end of a job, when the printer returns to the origin, it will stop and dispaly an error message: “Heating Failed, printer stopped”

It is not really a big deal since it happens only when the job is finished, but I was wondering why? How can I correct that?
I suppose it is triggered by Marlin, but I never asked the firmware to heat anything up, this alert original purpose being to detect if there is any difference between a targeted heating temperature and the actual one, I don’t really see why this would activate at all since I did not target any heating temperature whatsoever?

Any thougths?

Are you using some version of the RC8 firmware? This is exactly why it isn’t used for anything but laser at the moment.

I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean by RC8?
I use Marlin, the version I got from your website with a few custom modifications to make it fit my machine and make my printer autoprobe working.

I don’t flash a different firmware when I move from CNC to 3D printer, it stays the same. Aside from this issue it doesn’t seem to cause any problem so far though

Should I use an different version?
If yes, do you have any particular one you recommend?

Make sure you are using rc7, not rc8. if you are using an lcd it tells you on boot up, if not you should be able to check in marlin. I don;t think this error has never happened other than RC8.

Ok, I’ll check that, thanks :slight_smile:

Apparently I use RC7…

Are you using the 30A power supply?

I think it is at least 30 amps, yes.

I don’t really think it is a hardware issue, I’ll try to better explain the symptoms:
-I use the machine as CNC mill (so no heating system whatsoever)
-I start a new CNC job
-It works fine
-The job arrives to the very end --> the CNC will soon finish the last path
-At this point, on the screen, I can see that it displays “heating…”
-A few seconds later, while the CNC is coming back to the origin, it stops and displays the error message. Most of the time it doesn’t have the time to reach the origin and stops somewhere in the middle.

It behaves just like, at some point, the CNC would receive a command to heat. But I don’t see any reason why, since the CNC program I use is generated by Estlcam which doens’nt have any heating features.
This really puzzles me.

So far it is not a big issue, but it will become one once I’ll want to try switching tools to do more complex parts.

Make sure you are not asking it to move in the z direction any faster then 8.5mm/s. I know it seems weird but when you overload the cpu you get weird results, that is very similar to what happens with the old RC8. It was actually a z axis speed problem.

So make sure you are using the newest fusion post processor, and the newest estlcam and set your rapids correctly. The last move is a rapid z move and then home.

I’m currently at 15mm/s, but I use an acme rod so it should make much less steps to reach that kind of speed.
I’ll try that tomorrow and tell you if this works.

Thanks for the advices!