I f I am using the marlin firmware with a cnc. I don’t have a heated bed. In marlin does this need to be done to. Or does it ignore it.

If you’re using a version of Marlin from the V1 repository, the heated bed has already been disabled. If you’re using the firmware from the base Marlin repository, you’ll have to configure that (along with quite a few other things).

I guess a better question is what your goals are? Based on your previous post, are you trying to repurpose an existing controller? Are you trying to set up a way to use the same controller on two different machines?

It could be as simple as keeping copies of the properly configured firmware on different SD cards… It could be a nightmare… :japanese_ogre: :smiley:

Well i didn’t explain very well sorry, I wanted to just take lowrider firmware and swop controller boards instead of going through marlin and make a bunch of changes. I want to change the skr controller to my octopus btt with tft35 v3 display. everything else is the same except for external drivers. I am just trying to figure out what changes and where.

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Starting with one of the V1CNC firmwares from MarlinBuilder releases will give you a leg up. They have EXTRUDERS=0, the heated bed disabled, some CNC features enabled, etc. The ones with TMC drivers (that end in 2209) also have the TMCs set up for CNC (I turned off all that quiet stuff, and enabled debugging, since we need all the torque at small speeds).