Haw to flashing the firmware


I have start building my lowrider Cnc with a Rambo controller I have follow-up The Website instruction step-by-step but I couldn’t run the Firmware .
I am trying to flash the marlin rambo firmware.
I bought it without firmware
I am using end stops
i am running Windsows 10 on my computer.

Can somebody help me flashing the firmware into the motherboard ???
if there are any clear guidelines

Which website, and what did you try that didn’t work?


Thank you for helping meThe website that I mention is v1engineering.com

specifically this link :https://docs.v1engineering.com/electronics/dual-endstops/#firmware

I have download the rainwear from the website that I mentioned above as as shown on the picture and when the download is complete I run the software morning and I have follow up all the steps which mention in the same website link below







I found out that the library that I have it is different then what’s Show on the website steps Library is only what’s mention on the last picture

i am using end stop micro switch


Those pictures aren’t working.

Your pictures are not working, but based on your links and your error (I’m assuming it is about U8glib), I’m guessing you using the Arduino IDE to compile, and you got your source from Ryan’s GitHub page. If so there is a known problem compiling that source with the Arduino IDE. The number of files in Marlin have grown too large to spawn a Windows process. I know of three options: 1) you can compile the source using PlatformIO. This is what most people are doing, but it is a completely different development environment based on Microsoft Code and the PlatformIO add-on; 2) you can try using the source here with the Arduino IDE: https://github.com/V1EngineeringInc/MarlinBuilder/releases/. Jeff mentioned in one of his posts that he had stripped some stuff out so that it would compile on Arduino, but I don’t know if these are the sources he was referring to; or 3) the files at the link I provided included a .hex file. You can figure out how to directly flash your board from a .hex file. I know that it can be done from the Arduino is a hackish way, and I’m sure there are other solutions.

Of course this all assumes I’ve guessed right about your problem.

@robertbu, The ones in the allted github still build I think. It broke in 2.0.6.

The marlin builder ones should work.

Hummm. When upgrading to Primo, I pulled from the allted github and was not able to build it using the Arduino IDE. I moved the source tree to the root of a drive and shortened Marlin.ico to M.ico and still was not able to build it. I ended up using PlatformIO.