Have a DXF cut or build a Lowrider 3?

Been thinking about building a LR3. I have 10 DXF files to be cut out of 3/4" MDF. Got a price to cut one sheet at $270 per sheet including the MDF and the tax…

At 61 a sheet that would make the cutting about 200 a per DXF file. Does that seem high ?
In doing the math I would have about $2000 to build the LR3. And that would be just for this project.

Will it be hard for me to learn how to run a LR3 ? I have be learning Fusion 360 and have made some parts on my CR-6 SE using 360.

Thanks for the input. Randy

Looks like getting everything from V1E it will run me about $ 750.
Also thinking about a table that is 62.5" x 115".
Ideas ?

Not sure totally the answer you are looking for. BUT, 10x270 is 2700. If you already have a dxf file you should be all set without fusion 360.

That said your statement i may have misread. You could also post your files here and see if one of the forum members here can help yiu for less without building a machine.

Wait whoa. Why would the lr3 cost 2000???

The 2000 is what I would need to pay to have it done by someone. The cost for the LR3 would be ,like 750 ±.

Here is the DXF file. This is just one of the 10.
1.dxf (133.3 KB)

I’m Glendale, AZ

Got time and an itch to build a cool project that enables you to build other projects? Maybe I’m slow, but took me ~6wks to go from ordering V1E parts to get to a point where I could cut parts with my LR3 on 63" x 120" janky sled.

V1E parts arrived within just a couple of days, it was me that took weeks to find time to print parts, mill plates and assemble LR3. My sled stores vertically when LR3 is being stored/used on 63"x 36" surface.

Hope this draft video helps your decision/journey Videos of LR3's? - #20 by azab2c

Thanks good video.

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Wow, I wish I lived closer to you. I would charge you for the creation of the Lr3 and do it for you. Both of us would come out ahead. That file is not hard at all. That is one 4x8 sheet?

Yep, one sheet x 10 files.