Has anyone mounted their MPCNC vertically?

I’m looking at my garage and realizing I don’t really have the space to set this up horizontally, but I have an unfinished garage with exposed 2x10 beams, making it perfect for mounting vertically. This will of course change the load distribution quite a bit, with most of the weight on the top and bottom conduit rails. I’m thinking I could drill into the bottoms of them to add a few threaded rods, which I can then more fully support from below. It seems like I might even end up with less flex this way, since the vertical gantry rail would completely support the center piece.

Has anyone done this? If so, how did it turn out?

You’ll have to figure out how to counterbalance the router/spindle. It’s been done, just not with this cnc yet.

Here’s the spring they use for their gantry.


On my kossel I mounted counterweights on pulleys to offset the weight of the flying extruder (basically an extruder mounted above the effector that’s tied to the carriages, allowing for an ultra-short bowden). It’s a bit crude, but it didn’t appear to hurt the print quality. I’m wondering if just a pulley+counterweight mounted to the ceiling would do the trick…

I’m using a keychain retractor for my flying extruder. I had 3 but it was a little overkill, one seems to work. I had a pulley system with a counterweight, but it would start to do the pendulum thing and cause layer height funkyness.
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Counterweights would probably work. One off each side bearing.

I’ll have to try that with the keychain retractors!

2 counterweights seems reasonable… I may try this