Great Grandma Sign

I did it. I made a thingamabob :rofl:

My 96(almost 97) grandma has been feeling down lately. We took her great grandson and some lunch with us. I finally had “everything” worked out with my LR3 and wanted to make her something. Some Inkscape and estl later…

Came out great. She loves it so much she cried and then yelled at me when I wasn’t taking her money


Just the description is wonderful. The best you can do and hope for👍


Ahh come on! Such a great story and no picture; such anticipation.


Shhh I’m having to fire up the laptop and see if it’ll work there. It is not liking uploads from the phone.

It’s up!



This is awesome. Love this kind of stuff.

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It was a lot of fun too. I made a FaceTime call to my dad (who helped me fund some of the build) to show it working. We usually aren’t quiet people but we both just sat quietly and watched it work. This stuff always amazes me.


Thank you for making me smile so hard my face hurts.


It can be fun to just watch it go. Cribbage board drilling is fun to watch and so is carving when the travelling salesman isn’t in town. I used to have my system next to the car in the garage and one day my boy was vacuuming the car out for his job and stopped to watch it with me for a minute. He said, “this is amazingly satisfying,” as we both stood there mesmerized as the mpcnc did its thing. So fun. Great gift! Great machine!


My dad was an awesome woodworker. I know he would have loved to see what I can do with the mpcnc, but he was taken early from smoking!

I hope he looks down and sees it from time to time.

Great sign, I know she had to be thrilled!


I had the privilege to remember meeting three of my great-grandmothers (and see pictures of me with one of my great-grandfathers), and I’m sure that they would have loved something like that. Really lovely. My best memory was when one of them made a note in her notebook when I played “squeezed”, catching a triple-word score, using all my tiles, and scoring almost 100 points on one play. And she was a Scrabble hawk. And another not letting a certain great uncle into the house until he slipped a Hershey’s bar past the chain on the door. For years… :wink:


Love all these stories! We were talking about how blessed we have been that he has two great grandmas to see. We really hope he gets old enough to share some memories with them but we are always trying to document things. I keep trying to convince my grandma to write a book or even an audio book. Her story is crazy. She was born in 1927 and grew up as a farm hand living in a RV with no heater. She then worked her way, her and her late husband ended up buying that farm then later sold it for the family business. We are now 3 generations deep and if my son wants to he’ll be the 4th!


We used to drive to my great grandmother’s house for holidays. It was about halfway between our house and my Grandparent’s. It was also easier for us to travel than her.

We were watching TV one day and she asked me what grade I was in. I was in 7th. She said something like, “I loved 8th grade. I had two boyfriends at the same time :slight_smile:”. About five minutes later, “What grade are you in?”. We did that for about an hour.

We also used to play 31 (also called blitz) for $0.15. She was innocent looking, but she would cheat. Even hiding cards between hands. My grandparents were trying to lose to me so hard and she was cheating. I taught my kids 31 and I always think of her. We also played a lot of golf the card game. Great games for families with young kids.