GRBL_ESP32 and the 6-Pack board

I’ve been searching and reading messages. I’m very close to ordering the 6-Pak board from Bart Dring.

What I have not seen is whether anyone actually has this working on their MPCNC.

I’m just about done building a Primo with dual endstops so I’m hoping to find some tips or commentary on any issues or challenges faced with GRBL configuration.

I’d like to stay with the dual end stop setup.

If I’ve missed a post please do point that out and provide a link.



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You should also consider the Teensy 4.1 and Phil Barrett’s [grblHAL breakout board] ( . I just posted a video of it working on my MPCNC. 5 axis capability and lots of external inputs.

Mine seems awesome! Grbl...well Grbl Esp32 and the 6 Pack controller I have not done any cutting with it though. I just got the oled screen and am pretty excited to plug it in.

I think the config is on that thread, if not I think I can just dump the memory card?


I have it currently in with the clean test CNC so I have ran tons of files and tests just not dirty cuts.


Thank you. Figuring out what I need to order from Bart.

I have a Lowrider and a Primo, both running on a 6-pack.

Bart finally got all the modules I wanted in stock. Order placed. Eager to get this working.

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Awesome, I know he raised his prices since I got mine, but I think you will still be happy with the value you get. I looked over that other thread (Ryan linked above) and realized nobody has posted configs for their setups. My mpcnc is running a 6pack with dual endstops and a bunch of other features (flood, mist, laser pwm, control buttons, etc). If you get stuck and need something to reference I can post my configs. It is pretty easy to setup though… use the mpcnc machine defs to get started.

Even if you need to use a few fw iterations to get your config right, peice of cake once you get OTA working (one time setup).

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Figured this might be a place to ask…

I have my laser running GRBL_ESP32 on the 2209 pen/laser controller, and have the wifi working. Are there any GCode senders that will connect over the network?

AFAIK, over the network control (outside of using esp3d) requires some sort of network connected host to be connected to the controller (usually a PC, pi, 8266, a second esp32, etc). esp3d isn’t as fancy as octoprint etc, but for laser etching it gets the job done and comes built in to grblesp32. Like most other network connected host software, esp3d only requires a browser to control. For more than 2-axis I’d recommend something else, but for the pen/laser… is there something esp3d can’t do that you are after?

Lasergrbl will connect to the esp32 via IP, and I think UGS will too.

UGS is a little weird if I remember.

In the Tools>Options>UGS>Sender Options you choose either TCP or Websocket. Then in the Port and Baud fields on the main window is where you input the TCP port# and the IP address. Something like that. I only did it once to see if it worked.

Now port 23 is the default Telnet port, but I don’t remember if that is the default port on Bart’s firmware for the Grbl-ESP32. All my gear is packed up because I am in the middle of moving.

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