graphic screen missing things


I was just reviewing the Low Rider YouTube video on how to start cutting…

His graphic LCD does not look like mine. I have NO “Job Setup” icon on my screen

I see in the Marlin code a way to disable the M206 feature, but mine is not disabled.

Also, of course, there are a ton on things on the screen which have NOTHING to do with CNC, namely Extruding, Heating, etc. I have used the Home and Move icons. Settings has almost nothing, I would have thought I could changes the steps/mm there like on the 3D printer.

I have gone through the MPCNC Marlin code to try and find certain enables and disables for the LCD,

but it is not (generally) in the configuration.h or configuration_adv.h.

Can someone point out the error of my ways?

SKR 1.3 BigTreeTech 3.5" graphic screen.


That screen isn’t even close to the one we normally use. IIRC there’s a config file used by the screen to setup the display and you load it by powering the screen up with a magic file on an installed SD card. I don’t know how far you can take it toward being useful for CNC, most of the functions configurable by that file are targeted at 3D printing.

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Thanks. I had a Nextion display before, that worked just like you described. If you did not load specific graphic features on its SD card ahead of time, it did not work.

However, this one is different, somehow. BigTreeTech had no SD card in the slot when purchased like the Nextion display did.

And, Home and Move icons actually did just that. I guess I need to go further into the Marlin code to see what the touch screen activates.

You mind telling me what kind of display you are using?