Gotta have them all!

It would be nice to make a couple changes as well, ditch the screw terminals for the steppers and use duponts instead.

Let me see if I can find the link.

It was Dan supra man I believe that had a cool test setup.
Idk how to tag ppl or do links sorry.

Thanks! I will ask him.

Link to the source jlcpcb links, a few of the BOM items are out of stock let me see if I can figure out how to replace them. FluidNC Pen Laser TMC2209 Drivers - EasyEDA open source hardware lab

Not immediately but I will be buying another one for the wife’s shop for display and waiting area.

My test setup was basically connecting a couple of motors and an optical endstop to the board with a power supply, and connecting to the ESP32 web UI sending commands.

I have an older generation of the 2209 board, but it does the job.

The nice thing there is that you can re-use the ESP32 to test multiple boards, which rules out firmware as a possible issue.

If you were to order, and make modifications to re-do the motor connectors, it would also be pretty cool to re-pin the stop switches for +5V, G and S to use the optical stops for the Zen.


YES! That should make it a lot easier. Why didn’t I think of that.

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I tried to go back to the physical ones for a bbq here and I still have to mess with coding that I haven’t had a chance to do.
Home ing sequence i believe

I will note that it was laid out much neater while I was testing. :rofl:

But that is the gist of it, plug a programmed ESP32 into it and send gcode over the webUI. A couple of tape flags on the motors makes seeing movement easier.

At 100 steps/mm, a commanded movement of 32mm is one full motor rotation. Commanding X movement moves both motors the same direction, commanding Y movement moves them in opposite directions. Once I was able to confirm that the movement and distance was correct, and that both stops read as triggered when they should be, I knew I had my configuration correct, and that the hardware was good.


Man you guys are on it! that would be awesome if you could get them and have them in the shop. Then you could make a few bucks as well! I’m not really in a rush. Not like i don’t have 10,000 other projects going on anyways lol. Just frustrating to keep missing the boat LOL. Thank you all for trying to come up with a plan B. Hopefully this will help many others after me!!!

I have 20 on order. Looks like they should be here in between 1-2 weeks. Emailed Bart to see what an appropriate royalty would be for his work.

They have a new board…S3 Dev Kit - EasyEDA open source hardware lab looks like a 6 pack controller with the endstop boards built in. Might need to get an order of those as well.


Ok well once you get them in and it all figured out and ready to resell consider me your first customer! And if you didn’t add all the ducks in with the order I made yesterday you can send them with the board LOL

It tells me there are 3 left.

About the same time I posted here yesterday I sent a message to him and asked if I could buy one now and he just ship when they are back in stock. He replied that there were 3 left and that people put it in their cart but never buy so it causes a delay and showing out of stock. But before I got his message Ryan had already gone though all the trouble to make a large order so now I would rather just wait until he is ready to sell them. Then they both make some money. Plus I always want to support Ryan any chance I can. He puts up with enough of my crap LOL.


Oh, no worries, I would get one now from him. I have no idea if mine will even work. The whole ordering processes is s a little wonky. So please, don’t wait for me.

I’m truly not in a hurry. The Zen table got pushed down the list when I ordered the parts kit for the 2nd LR3. Plus the laser for the Primo just showed up. So no telling when ill even get to it. Really was no sense in even making the original post I made. But hopefully it ends up with you having another item to sell so it wont be a bad thing!


I am in same boat I want one in the future so you can plan on me buying one from you as well.

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It isn’t like I won’t build any more either. Looks like I’ll be building them as Christmas presents…


This boards are very useful. I used something similar for my camera slider rig. They are good for plotters and laser engravers. So it won’t hurt to get two.


Well, it says they shipped out last night…should I be excited or scared?


Excited! If you were scared we wouldn’t all have these amazing machines!!!