Gotta have them all!

With the Primo, LR3 and Now MP3DP V4 done. Now its time to build a ZenXY.

Plan is to use it as a top to some amazon cubby’s we have in our computer/3d printer room. I’m wanting the top to be 30" by 40" with the 40" being the side you stand at most. According to the calculator that puts me at a work area of…

Should be a nice size.

I see the Bart Dring board as the suggested one but when I follow the link it says its no longer available?? is there an updated version i should be looking for? I looked though his store and didn’t see anything else that looked the same but it was a quick look and I could have missed it.

If that board or newer equivalent isn’t available…then what board is suggested? Everything i have now runs the SKR pro 1.2 But i cant get the headless part to work on any of mine so far. I’m sure its just something I’m not holding my mouth right with and honestly I haven’t done a bit of research to try and fix it yet.

What else do i need to think about before I start ordering parts or printing anything? Hoping to get the V4 dialed in better in the next few days. I could start printing now on one of my other printers but that takes all the fun out of it. I already have all of the parts off the Docs list that Ryan sells in the cart. Just waiting to find out more about the board. If the SKR is the best option then I want to order it from Ryan as well.

That’s everything i can think of right now. I’m sure like all my other build threads I’ll end up asking a billion more questions lol. Thanks in advance for any assistance!!


I think this would be a good fit:

The key bits are:

  • TMC drivers for quiet operation and no messing with trim pots for current.
  • 2 Motors drivers are all you need.
  • Firmware supports corexy (this runs fluidnc, which will work)
  • SD card for storing patterns.
  • Web Interface for controlling and uploading new patterns. It isn’t seamless (it is a cnc UI, not specifically sand table). But you can design a pattern in sandify, upload it, home and play the file. All wirelessly from the couch.

There are some fluidNC posts around here somewhere for the zxy. Combining those with the pin and tmc definitions for this board should get you there.


Out of stock of course lol. But so is the SKR Pro so no big deal. I joined the waitlist so i should get an email when its back in stock

The board Jeff recommended is the one I am in the process of using.
I had to sign into a tindie acct and they would notify me when one was available.

It wasn’t that long of a wait either fyi


Ok awesome! How much trouble was the firmware and all?

I have not got to that point yet. He pre programmed it for the zenxy I believe.
I am a super noob at this just wanted to share.

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He as in Ryan or Bart? If I can specify its for the ZenXY when I order from Bart and its all set and ready to go that would be AMAZING! LOL Or if i can just upload Ryan’s firmware that would be equally awesome!

Don’t worry at all about being “super noob” when it comes to ZenXY I am more of a noob than anyone LOL.

If his firmware works, he can just share the config file. The fluidnc boards all use the same firmware, but read the parameters from a config file.

I bet the waitlist determines how often he builds a batch of boards. If he gets a dozen or a few dozen waitlisted, he will make a new batch. The small time production stuff on tindie is often like that.


I ment the board guy Bart.

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Another thing i just thought of as I’m reading though other build post. How is the baking soda going to do in humid ass Florida? Or is there something else i should use??

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Watching this question with interest - having just broken a few lumps of baking soda out of the box to do a small job - it is meant to be a rock isn’t it?

I live in Colorado. We don’t have any humidity. But I don’t know why it would be any worse. You’ll have to let us know.

I did try the sisyphus sand (the table they gave me had some extra). It worked, but it wasn’t as crisp as the BS and it made a lot of crunchy noises. Their base material is different. It is a soft fabric. I think that helps the first layer of sand have some squish and makes it less noisy and more precise.


I live in South Carolina and it gets quite humid here as well, not to the extent of Florida, but I have had no issues. I suppose it would matter if it is kept in an air conditioned environment or not. The AC will pull water out of the air. But yeah I have had no issues with the baking soda and I haven’t changed my baking soda in over a year. With that said, I would make the top glass easily removable so that you can change the baking soda if/when needed.


I bought a pack of suction cups from amazon. They had zip ties attached to the back (they might have been for cable management?). I use them to lift my glass.

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I ordered the parts from Ryan today. He is also sending me a replacement board for the V4. Once it all arrives ill be back to printing parts. I almost cranked up one of the other printers but just couldn’t do it. No rush to have the parts anyways as I don’t have the sandbox or top built yet lol.

How is anyone able to get this board? This is the 2nd time I’ve gotten an email they were back in stock and by the time i see the email and go to the site they are already sold out. Got the email at 11:45 but didn’t see it till a few min ago at 1:45 and already sold out. This is the only part left that I need. Are there other good board options??

I think the skrpro can work it’s just bulky and pricier.
And probably not as many ppl doing the coding for it.
Man that sucks about the shortage :frowning:

He does have them openly available to buy from JLC PCB. In 10+ fully assembled quantities the price comes down. I am willing to buy a batch if someone know enough to help make part substitutions and has some idea how I might test them easily?

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One of the nice ppl that helped me had a cool test rig setup. I will look back and see who it was but. It was a usual suspect haha.