gcode test

Marlin 1.1 the test code i had to right click and choose save as…its a .gcode…the cnc doesnt see the file…it sees the folder and structures but not the file. please help

I am unclear to what the problem is. Are you using an LCD or repetier host? My crown file?

your crown test file, i have to open the webpage where i see all the code, i save as .gcode file, i move the file to an sdcard and then put in my card reader in the lcd screen. the firmware i can cycle to the file and the gcode file does not appear.

I think this is some sort of windows thing? I just right clicked the link, “save link as” and it works. There should be no structure, it is a text file. Try the attached.

Test-Crown-12mms.zip (22.1 KB)

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success thanks!