Fusion 360 Scaling issues

hey guys,

im in the process of getting my mpcnc (burly) up and running. I followed the crown tutorial and everything works as it should. Estlcam to Repetier host works well. I am not currently using the LCD control, just using usb to from the laptop to the rambo mini.

The issue i am having is when i use fusion 360 with the guffy PP i run into some strange scaling issues. I originally designed my part in fusion 360 in inches, then exported the file using the PP to repetier host. Everything looked ok in repetier host, but once i ran the program, the router barely moved. i assumed it was a scaling issue so i converted the part to MM and tried again.

This time the router moved a little further but all of the moves were still much shorter than they should have been. Also, the router was doing moves that were not in the original tool paths from fusion 360.

I decided to redraw the entire part in mm and generate a new g code for repetier host. Once again, the moves were bigger than before and once again, there were moves than were not in the fusion 360 cam.

After a few hours of no success, i decided to take my latest drawing and export it from fusion 360 to estlcam as a dxf. i selected mm for the file format and ended up with a part that was 10x smaller than it should be? I followed the tutorial for the crown again and made sure the settings for estlcam were correct, and they were.

I opened the same dxf file again, but selected CM as the format, and the part is now the correct size, even though it was designed in MM. I created the tool paths and everything seems to be correct.

So, after all the reading, my questions are…

What is the proper work flow to use fusion 360? If I use the guffy PP should i just run it from the LCD or does repetier host work as well?

In estlecam, i followed the tutorial and noticed something during the setup process on the V1 page. It shows that the estlcam needs to be in MM/sec in the initial setup, but the later says the software has been updated and that you need need to select marlin, MM/min, and file output as gcode in the cam settings page? Is this correct? It seems to be a contradicting situation.

The latest version of estlcam seems to not allow me to generate g code anymore. I spent a lot of time troubleshooting and figuring things out with my scaling issue only to get a message about needing to purchase his software before i could finish the g code. The strange part is, the laptop i dedicated to the router has the issue, but my desktop pc that i put estlcam on to trouble shoot does not. They both have the same version and were installed on the same day.

I think thats it for now, sorry for the long post. Hopefully i can clear some of this up and get to checking things off the project list.

My workflow is fusion 360 -> guffy gcode -> load via wifi into cnc.js running on a pi connected to marlin. It’s nice since you can see the outline and measurements on screen of what you are going to print before you print it and no cables or cards.

You might try testing from the guffy gcode to an SD card to cut down on the possible source of problems.

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I like using the preview to find some spots that will be out of the path and then put screw there too.