fusion 360 post processor for laser/plasma cutter

I was playing with a “hidden” feature in fusion 360, the “Waterjet / Laser / Plasma cutter” CAM support, and with the autodesk jet template for post processing. I’ve a very basic working post processor script for marlin/mpcnc.

Just install as any other personal post processor, create a “waterjet” toolpath, post process it with the attached post processor script, choose your laser/plasma gcodes to turn on and off, and that’s all.

PD: There is a bug in the current fusion 360 version related with the feedrate. I’ve coded some kind of workaround, and it seems to work, at least for the basic tests I’ve done.


MPCNC_Laser_Plasma_Cutter.cps_.zip (5.26 KB)

Will this post processor work for routing on my low rider? I have been reading the forums and it seems there have been a lot of updates to the post P. for Fusion.

If this is not the latest version where can it be found on the forum.

Thanks in advance, You guys are awesome!

Yup it works for the LowRider.

What issues?

Great thanks.

Issue, The tool paths in Estlcam take the router all over the place in one tool path. Even on one letter it will start at the bottom go up to the top then go to the bottom again then the middle… and it may take 4-5+ minutes to do one letter 3mm deep. Also I need to be able to stack text over other text ending up with three levels the bottom of the pocket say at 4mm the next letters up from the bottom sticking up say 2mm then another set of letters sticking up 2mm that would be the starting height of the work surface.

So I want to use Fusion 360 going forward. I have been taking some tutorials online and am able to draw signs. I am hoping in the long run it will pay off to go through the steep learning curve of 360 and be able to have a cad cam software together.


Estlcam does that, I made a tutorial on multiple pockets and it is much easier now than it was then.

As for the random, pathing, they all do that. Somehow it is the fastest in the eyes of the computer. If you check the output and adjust the angels or starting point you can minimize that.

Learning fusion for CAD is fine, CAM…there are at least 3 times as many variable for every single path, that does not default to a working cut, you have to work very hard to the CAM side of Fusion as compared to estlcam…test all output in foam first. You should not switch until you find a specific need to do so, path efficiency is not one of them. NYCNC just did a video, and he teaches fusion CAM, his paths are all over the place.

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Thanks again for getting back.

I watched the video on multiple pockets a few weeks ago you did what has changed to make it easier? DO you have a link?



We can now leave a finishing pass in with the first step on each cut, so half as many operations to fiddle with.

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