Fusion 360 changes

Just got the following email about the personal use version for Fusion 360…

Important changes are coming to your Fusion 360 for personal use software that you need to know about.

Effective October 1, 2020 , functionality in Fusion 360 for personal use will be limited , and you’ll no longer have access to the following:

  • Probing, 3 + 2-axis milling (tool orientation), multi-axis milling, rapid moves, automatic tool changes

  • Multi-sheets, smart templates, output options for drawings (print only).

  • Download options from public share links

  • Cloud rendering

  • Export options including F3Z, DWG, DXF, IGES, SAT, and STEP

  • Simulation and generative design

  • Unlimited active and editable Fusion 360 documents (10 doc limit).

  • Fusion 360 extensions

These changes are being made to allow us to scale, align intended usage with the various offerings, support advanced capabilities for Fusion 360 subscribers, and stay true to our guiding principles of democratizing design for everyone.

Fusion 360 for personal use is still free for those of you working on home-based, non-commercial design, manufacturing, and fabrication projects.

For more information about these changes, please refer here and the FAQ.

Just got it too… kinda figured this was coming but still disappointing. :frowning:

The download and document limits are troubling. Are the “documents” part files? If so, wow. Kiss F360 goodbye. When it came out as free a few years ago, I knew they’d eventually scale it back, but not this far.

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Just came here paste the same email. No more DXF export? Glad I’ve only spent a few hours learning. But, hey, it will remain free!

Kinda glad I didn’t get too deep into Fusion, it’s an amazingly capable program offered for hobby use but I believe all that capability made learning what I need for my relatively simple hobby needs more difficult than necessary. Was watching some videos today and downloaded Librecad. I’d been looking for something between Tinkercad and Fusion and have my fingers crossed hoping I found it.

Let us know how you like it. Any other good alternatives? I never could warm up to SketchUp.

Lol my email went to the spam folder
I just check out their faq.

Timeline for Changes

On October 1st, 2020 – any existing or new Fusion 360 for personal use user will be limited to the following capabilities:

  • Design – Standard design and 3D modeling tools
  • Electronics – 2 schematics, 2 layers, 80cm2 board area
  • Manufacturing – 2.5 axis milling & 3 axis milling, turning, FFF additive, fabrication
  • Local Rendering
  • Local File Export – STL, OBJ, F3D, F3Z, IPT, FBX, SMT, SKP, DXF-(from sketch)*
  • File Import – Standard file types
  • Cloud Storage – Maximum of 10 active documents
  • Collaboration – Basic Access
  • Drawings – Single sheet, print only

*Export (download) of IGES, SAT, STEP from Fusion Team will be available until January 19th, 2021
**Simulation, Generative Design, Extensions, and cloud rendering are not included.

First impression is favorable. I learned some CAD about 20 years ago on MasterCAM VIII in a friend’s shop, it was quite pricey at the time but very intuitive and easy to ‘learn by doing’. Only watched some videos and just looked over the menus in Librecad and liked seeing things like commands for fillet and trim, MasterCAM had them and I was missing them trying to use something more simple like Tinkercad. Probably a generational thing but I’m more comfortable drawing on the screen as if using drafting tools than dragging shapes around and manipulating them. And for $0.00 and a quick and easy download, the worst that can happen is I’ll spend a few hours and decide I don’t like it. Considering I’ve been a NY Jets fan since they were the Titans, that’s less than watching one game and it may well serve me MUCH better. :grinning:

EDIT: Just found another +, there’s an online manual you get by clicking help that seems quite informative and step by step. :+1:

I’m going to check out solidworks. Haven’t used it in about 12 years. My son gets it for $40 a year for the next 4 years. He’s allowed 2 instances so we will try to see if it is just for reinstall or 2 computers

Just an FYI that may help some who’d like access. I’ve been a Lifetime member of the EAA, the Experimental Aircraft Association for many years, membership brings access to Solidworks. Membership is $40/yr, $99/3 yrs, $159/5 yrs. If you like airplanes or even those involved in wild projects you’d probably like it.

Can I cut out a F.8L Falco with a LowRider? :thinking:

For me, the main annoyance may be the 10 doc thing. And it sounds like an annoyance rather than a hard limit. Time will tell.

Falco supply .dxf files? :grinning:

I hope I didn’t lead anyone astray. 10 doc thng?

I haven’t gone thru all the conditions for Solidworks use as I had the feeling it was probably beyond my needs.

Fusion 360

Glad to hear it. AFAIK EAA Solidworks use wasn’t limited other than possibly for commercial use.

I find sketchup easy to use after watching a video from Woodworking for Mere Mortals.

I just don’t know how to go from sketchup to something I can cnc.

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WOW. That sucks!

Let’s hope onshape doesn’t drop their limits in response. That would make it completely unusable for most of the users here. I suppose you can still make up to 10 documents, and use 3DOF CAM and just not share what you’ve made?

Maybe it’s time to focus on FreeCAD since they can pull this kind of nonsense (and it’s against their morals)?

If anyone was using fusion already, I would export the projects you want to keep now.

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From what I find, sketchup supports .stl files.

Can’t you just export to Estlcam and go from there?

Shame time to archive all my fusion 360 models to something agnostic if thats even possible

There is an stl plugin for it. I think there is also a dxf plugin, but you need to be careful because it is susceptible to the camera perspective, so the camera has to be in the right mode (this is what I’ve learned from reading posts here, I’ve never done it). It is also dependent on the version. IDK if the web version supports these plugins. That might all be ridiculously out of date too.

I just searched for what formats were supported by the basic version, didn’t even know a camera perspective was involved. I’m continuing thru the Librecad manual and think it may be for me. Everything has its limitations but it’s starting to seem like the point between Tinkercad and Fusion I’ve been looking for.

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