Fusion 360 - Bulk export parts to .STL files oriented for 3D Printing (via Python)

Shared video showing how to bulk export parts to .STL files, and, optionally change orientation of exported parts by suffixing Body names with rotation info “(x,y,z)”.

Goal is to minimize time required to export parts correctly orientated for 3D Printing. Hopefully this enables/encourages frequent updates, time saved can be spent doing more designing/creating.

Where (x,y,z) are degrees to rotate around each axis. e.g change “Panel Side Left” to be “Panel Side Left (0,90,0)” to have the exported left panel automatically be rotated 90degrees around Y-axis. If multiple axis rotations are specified they’re done in turn, x, then y, then z. e.g. specifying “Some body (90,180,0)” would rotate exported objects 90 degrees around X axis, then 180 around Y axis, but no rotation around Z axis.

The Python based export script shown uses Fusion 360 APIs, can download from :

Only been sporadically using Fusion 360 for couple of years, knew about scripting support, but had never tried the API, until today… So, obviously I don’t know much about the API, feedback/suggestions/contributions appreciated! Would also be great to hear about interesting Fusion 360 API uses, I know some folks use post processor scripts to change/unlock Rapids.

Hope that helps, cheers!


I am always amazed at what you can whip up. I can do a lot of things, but coding isn’t one of those. It’s like magic to me. :smile:


Cool and amazing! You are awesome!!


Ahhhhh I just did it manually. I checked the forums AFTER I got some work done, dang it. Pretty amazing.

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