Full Graphic Smart Controller button problem

Problem : The button knob on my Full Graphic Smart Controller works with button presses but does not register knob rotations.

I bought all of my hardware from the V1 store in August '18 and started building a Lowrider. The project got set aside until this month. I have everything wired-up with my Mini Rambo. No smoke on the initial power up (yay!). After the initial splash screens I can toggle between the info screen and the top level menu screen but cannot rotate the knob to change the menu selection. I’ve triple checked the connections and re-seated the connections but no luck.

Has any one seen this before? I suspect a bad controller board.


Edit: Also the Reset button doesn’t work and the controller doesn’t recognize an SD card when one is inserted

Try reversing one of the ends of one of the gray cables. If I remember correctly, the button is on the same connector as the power, but the encoder rotation is on the other cable.

Well swapping the cables solved the problem. Perhaps there a broken wire in one of the cables that is not used.


A lot of times when the cables are manufactured the ends are crimped on backwards from the factory. It’s a common issue.