French Cleat by Toko

so is the cleat just a 45degree angle?

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Yes. :slight_smile:


Awesome. I cut my first cut the other night, so maybe this weekend I can try this!!!

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I created a holder for drilling bits as well, haven’t had time to cut it myself, maybe someone wants to try. Also, I had to test the possibility to upload dxf-files directly. :slight_smile:

Bohrerhalter.dxf (144.5 KB) WOO, it works. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finally made it, like 4 months later… :smiley:

A modified version of the drill bit holder with 0.2mm bigger holes: Bohrerhalter.dxf (144.2 KB)


Looks great, wall is awesome!!


@Tokoloshe thank you for this topic, looks great, and very helpful!

Been wanting to organize my maker space better, for example hang a bunch of filaments today, and who knows what tomorrow.

Was digging through a bunch of 3D printed shelf bracket options (3D printing Nerd has a series, others like CNC kitchen analyzed and improved). However, seems faster to cut and mount ply brackets for cleats.

Have bunch of pegboards, but cleats seems like a great way to go for wall mounting CNC’d storage. Would love to know if there’s some other newer/better CNC’able method for wall mounted storage?

Not that I know of (and I really like wood and French Cleat :D), I have been wanting to make some organizers for my endmills for ages. :sweat_smile:

I don’t want to start a debate in Philipp’s thread, but I just hung a 3/4" sheet on the wall, and I can mount anything with any resolution with just some short screws. I tried pegboard and I very much dislike it. It is hard to criticize Philipp’s cleats though. It looks great.

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Added files buried in the comments to top post. The Wiki is a great idea Ryan. :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Wiki?? :question:

The first entry can be edited as often as one likes. As I plan on adding stuff it makes sense. :smile:

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The first 3 were made, after some tweaking in my bit settings (had the wrong bit diameter in estlcam) it is a press fit!
Thank you @Tokoloshe !


This is so cool, made my day. :slight_smile: Thanks for making these.


Modified plans that created:

Plans in the first post. :slight_smile: