Foot fixation screw improvement proposal

Before I forget it, just a small proposal for a potential improvement: The hole where the head of the foot fixation screw lives in the corner block is round. It is a place pretty bad to reach after everything is mounted. My suggestion is to make this hole hexagonal to fit the head of a machine screw. That will not be able to move upwards because the tube is in the way, and you don’t need to apply a wrench to keep it tight if it’s held by the frame given by the corner block. If one, for any reason, wants to alter the foot structure, it is possible to do that without unmounting everything else then.
Ted, if this is not the optimal place for such proposals in the forum, feel free to move it somewhere else. Thanks!

Sounds good, I’ll keep that in mind when I get to spend some time on version 2. I’ve always just super glued it, I used the hole for screwing it into wood blocks in the earlier days of the mpcnc.

I love suggestions…let me clarify, constructive criticism!