Flakey SD card issues on Mini Rambo 1.3

So, I ordered a Viscious Mini Rambo because Arduinos seem to like to burn out to easily. It seems to be working well, BUT it’s buggy about reading SD cards. It will report that the SD card is inserted on the main screen, but claims there is no card in the next menu. Every once in a while it will pick it up and I can initiate a test. Mostly, I start swearing a lot. Same issues through Repetier…sometimes it sees it, most of the time it doesn’t. I’ve re-flashed the firmware for Rambo, but still have the same effen issues. Any solutions you guys know of?

I think it’s more likely the LCD’s issue than the rambo.

Agreed. Sometimes they work better when you put your gcode in a folder for some reason.

Yeah, Arduino fried my first LCD. This is a new one and seem to work for everything else. The files were not in a folder. I’ll try that. Thanks.

Okay, tried the folder route but still no go. Here’s what I see:

When machine boots, my LCD looks and seems to function normally with all other functions. On the main screen, however, the X Y and Z keep blinking out and alternate to ? ? ?

The main screen will usually acknowledge a SD card and say “card inserted”.

But, when I go to the prepare screen it says " No SD Card"

If I select it anyway I get “…Main” and usually beneath that there is a square followed by two periods.

I’m thinking this might be a firmware issue. Any solutions?

The question marks are normal.

Try inserting the card and when it reads card inserted, reset the board. It should be fine. It just doesn’t like your card these are made for 2gig and under, on the bigger cards some work better than others. I have a whole stack some work flawlessly others are a pain.

As long as it reads card inserted you know it is in correctly and a reboot of the board should be what it needs.

What are your file extensions? Change them to .gcode if they already aren’t.