First off, you are all bad influences. Canadian Zenxy build

You got a hole in your table, did you notice that? :stuck_out_tongue:
And wow, you have got to buy quite a lot of presents. My birthday calendar has my parents, kids and three closest friends. :smiley: I always forget when my wife’s got her birthday… :joy:

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Probably less than you expect, Enough to cover the bottom, but you don’t really want it very deep. If you’re using a 1/2" ball, then you only want a bit more than 1/8" deep, 3/16" at most. (3-5mm deep for a 12mm ball, for those of us in the metric world.) Remember that the BS will be packed more tightly in the box than it will be in your table, plan for about 25% expansion.


Small update. I cut a hole for some wires to run on the underside and now I am assembling the gantry.