First laser etch

Girlfriend and I had an anniversary and she’s been wanting a serving board/ charcuterie tray. I had this scrap from a buddy’s project. It fit her tastes and I got to try out my brand new laser for the first time.

Turned out well and I’m impressed with the detail, especially knowing the person who built this machine lol

Also made a card with laser cut out shapes etc, didn’t snap a picture of that though.


Would you mind sharing your laser set up, parts list ect?

Appreciate it

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Looks great. Fantastic small details.

NICE! Well done! I’m SO tempted to get a laser set up and mount to the LR2 but right now I’m finishing up my Dragon’s Lair (personal collection) and having to work on my projects late nights on the weekends. Time… I’m dong it wrong. lol

Happy to!

I bought the jtech photonic 7w laser Laser & driver and used the mount posted in this topic (so much helpful info on this forum :slight_smile: )Interchangeable Tool Mount System, Laser, Needle Cutter, Pen, Drag Knife

The Jtech has magnets in the case so I heated up a piece of steel and melted it into the mounting system along with 2 holes so it could fit flush; probably more elegant ways around this but I was on a deadline and it worked.

For this file, I used inkscape to pull in the picture and then used ESTLcam to carve it. I have used the Jtech inkscape plugin for another project but I usually get at least one warning that a bezeir curve isn’t right or some such and wasn’t confident this burn was going to go through properly. Cant exactly remember the burn rate but it was somewhere between 10 and 20 mm/s at full power.

I was heavily debating on JTech vs NEJE, and I choose the JTech since it was mentioned on the build docs on this site. If this laser ever fails, I’ll be getting this NEJE 40W laser since I know how easy some lasers can be to setup.

Hope that helps.


Your LR2 is a very dirty girl! hahaha

LOL Sure is! I surfaced my spoil board and I don’t have a vacuum system yet; very messy.

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HAHAHA Been there, done that. When I first ran mine I thought ‘will a vacuum REALLY make that much of a difference?’ yes… After 1 sheet of MDF, and 3" of dust EVERYWHERE, I went out and got one :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sad part is that I have a shop vac, but its so loud that I don’t feel like hooking it up to run all the time. Need to build a Shop vac enclosure
Maybe next week.