Interchangeable Tool Mount System, Laser, Needle Cutter, Pen, Drag Knife

Been working on an Interchangeable Tool Mount System, Laser, Needle Cutter, Pen, Drag Knife.

This is not all original and is parts of several that I’ve found online and made a complete system.

I’ll be uploading the STL files to thingiverse soon if anyone is interested.


So I finally got the STL files up on to thingiverse! So far I’ve printed the Pen/knife holder and the Needle cutter attachment, the Laser attachment will be printed as soon as my NEJE 2020 arrives… soon I hope! :joy:

Some finishing between the matting surfaces may be required depending on your print quality I will also include the fusion 360 files if anyone wants them.


Pretty cool! I’d like to see pictures of them in use.

I would have had to put quotes around “Laser” though, ala Dr. Evil. :smiley:

Very nice!! Just what I need! :slight_smile:

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That dovetail slide is the right answer. Did you make the dovetail tapered? Larger at the top so the tool plate snugs down right at the bottom.

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No… it’s a constant size. There is no slope in it! It’s actually too tight when it comes off the printer and needs hand sanding as I wanted zero play.

Hey - first off: THANKS for this design. I REALLY like the concept. Interchangeability is the answer, for sure. So many things can be done with this CNC and making tools interchangeable is great.

So… I did print this out, with a couple tool attachers. Well, the dovetails were too tight and I couldn’t slide them together. Got out my chisels and sandpaper and went to work… and still couldn’t… So I kinda abandoned it for another design… but I REALLY want this one to work. Maybe I printed it wrong… maybe I did something else wrong… I dunno… I think the tool attacher ones need about a .5mm or so taken off the back, or all edges…

Dennis, sorry this didn’t work for you. I know they are tight the tool parts, are very tight, that’s on purpose because thermoplastics have shrinkage expansion / contraction, I did not want a loose fit that would cause problems while moving the cnc.

I use a triangle file on mine and sandpaper until I got a smooth interference fit. Also my printer may be off. I have provide the fusion 360 files if you would like to make adjustments.

Printing orientation may also be a factor. They are printed standing upright. Hope you end up getting it working for you. I have been happy with mine for several months now.


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Hmmm… I printed one standing up, but the other laying down! That might be my issue. I’ll have to look for those fusion files and see if I can bring them into Tinkercad. I also started thinking about maybe borrowing your idea and incorporate some simple aluminum T-Stot in a new design and do it like that.

Thanks for the great idea, Claus!

Running with the Laser.



So I was thinking about this some more… and came across this little device, for camera mounting, I think:

I wonder if something like this could be engineered into a design… I’m going to do some more thinking and googling. :slight_smile:

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Dovetail slides are used on lathe quick-change tool posts. I’ve seen at least one tool mount system for MPCNC based on similar slides.

Isn’t there some xmount from big tree tech that is similar to that and includes pogo pins for wiring? I remember seeing a video from tt, but I didnt watch it :frowning:

I have one of these for my SLR camera that literally hasn’t been used in 5 years

I might dig it out and see if I can interface my (just ordered) neje E40 and my LR3 makita mounts