First cut in wood, I have some questions!

Good evening all!

So I have been watching a ton of videos, Old man coding is awesome!

Did my first wood cut, with a tool change even! but check out my pockets, and in the top area of the circle, theres a dip inwards. I just miced my cheap chinese end mill I was using, and it came in at .112, not .125, and I had the endmill in ESTLCAM set to 3.18mm so im guessing thats why the pockets came out how they did? (ryan was out of stock of the multipack when I ordered my kit which is how I ended up with this set) the shaft of the endmill is .117 so maybe the endmill is 3mm not 1/8th inch?

any idea what caused the weird dip in the top left area?

I had set the stars to be 6mm deep, but they are super shallow, I’m guessing because they’re so small the machine is smarter than me and knew it couldnt go that deep.

I had all of the pockets and word engraving setup for a finishing pass with the endmill of 0.3mm allowance, one of the pictures is right after the machine was done and the other is after I rough sanded it

Thank you in advance for any tips/advice!


I found out the hard way you have to actually measure the bits myself. :slight_smile:

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I measured my 1/4 inch v bit before I did anything, Idk why I didnt measure the endmill lol

Try ramping in and out of cut . Looks like loading on the mill. That is the entry exit.point correct?

Yes it’s right after the spindle steps down then starts moving again, what setting makes it ramp? I have it set to 1mm steps

Plunge angle makes it come in at an angle. I can’t remember what symbol it is, but it is in the tool menu

found it! its the down/right arrow a(z+) was set to 90 degrees, I changed to 45 will see how that works for me