First Crown - Z setting

Hello everyone, I have a small clarification to ask of you.
I am preparing the CNC to make the first test to draw the crown (gcode made estlcam as tutorials on the site Allted)

My endstop of Z is to Min, the lowest point where the pen touches on tavolo…quando Gcode asks me do I create a high … before exporting …
What is the height that I am asked? the height of the material?

my cnc resets as well as in the video

Try it without the end stops first. You don’t need to remove them just make sure there is no g28 in your gcode.

sorry but I do not understand I do not use a endstop in z? then how does the CNC to know how to get up and what fall?
or I have to move to the point 0 of the piece each time and then start the process after set x 0 y 0 z 0

G28 is all Home axis true?


g28 is home all, I do not use that.

I place the head where I want it to start, reset the arduino. That is 0,0,0, that’s it, super easy. Milling doesn’t lend itself well to endstops unless you are using an jig and doing a production run or bit changes (then you need a touch off z home not an endstop). Learn it without endstops first, then if you really want them add them later. They really do complicate everything.

then also remove the endstop x and y? I would have liked to bring home the axes when processing ended :slight_smile: … so any work I do I decide which part without having to manually set the heights of the materials or other information that I position the head of the tool on the starting corner?

Meanwhile, thanks for the help Allted … but if you do not use the endstop Arduino or otherwise in Marlin you have them set as NormalClosed? at the end of the work remains in place the tool and then manually move it? (You do not have a real video that shows the details of which we are speaking?)

But when you have to place the z how do you set it to the correct height? go right to touch the material? I do not understand how to get the right level of detail in the manual positioning :slight_smile:

Try the code from the estlcam post, That might explain everything much better than I am.

They are not normally closed, not in my firmware. You might have wired them that way but that is why I don’t suggest starting with them, too complicated for a first timer. Just unplug them and start as suggested.

Setting the Z is very easy, for milling usually you mill off the whole surface so precision isn’t very important, but still it is easy to get with a spinning tool. A bit tougher with 3D printing but it is simple, you can adjust it while it is making the outline.

Give it a try first.

You’re right, I can not use your firmware as the card I use it is a 32-bit … I use the firmware is still a derivative of Marlin …
If you are not set are set in NORMALCLOSED NormalOpen?

Your project I will not use it for printing but only for milling and laser (which in the future would buy).

Yes! I printed the guide that you did for Estlcam … in fact I wanted to understand how to do before you try to take the crown

  1. turn on the cnc and placed the pen on the paper
  2. load the RH gcode
  3. start
    No G28

Hi Vicious,
I made my first test with the test logo you in estlcam guide;)
I did it!
I also maintained the endstop … at the end of the process are reset correctly.

The only thing that has remained the same, as you said, is the setting of the G92 X0 Y0 Z0 on the material I have to work or to write,.

what I still do not understand is where to put the “z-op” when the tool moves.
In estlcam the popup asking me the height at the end is the height of my right material?

But if I have the cutter and a 10mm H panel I want to sink 5mm?

tHANKS :wink:


Can you put up screen shots of what settings you are asking about. In estlcam if you hover over the setting it usually pops up a description of it’s function.

  • I create my DXF files
  • the load estlcam … I choose engraving (for example)
  • They select the lines you must make a pen or tool
    then I Save CNC Program and then asks me in this parameter screen

Before making the first test with the drill I need only understand this thing: D so he can try to engrave or cut the material

thank you so much


That is asking how deep to engrave or cut into the material. You can specify this with every line you select or if the depth with be the same for the whole project this setting lets you set them all at once.

Now I understand what tells you, thanks to your explanation and I could also directly test: D

The only thing that I can not solve is the leaking bearing 608 on the tower z …
4 after 5 laps the bearing is off and does not remain in this seat on the highest tower motor

If the bearing is coming out you need to lower the coupler until it touches the bearing and holds it down. It could also mean either your z screw is bent or it is crooked in the coupler.

ah … I had not thought about the crooked threaded rod …
Anyway I thought I replace it with a stainless steel and able to find the “stretched” nut instead of using the 2 nuts with the spring center …