Firmware for Primo the same as for the previous version

Well initially my goal was to upgrade to Lowrider3, but as I have still plenty of filament lying around, I just started to print the parts for the primo. I hope it could produce the plates for my LR3 a bit more precise than my LR2.
I have a disassembled MPCNC lying around, so I hope that 99% of the old parts (bolts, tubes, LS, can be used.
I’m just wondering if the firmware remained the same for both versions? ,I assume that meanwhile we advanced a bit with the Marlin firmware, sorry for the basic questions, but I didn’t look into the matter for more than a year, as I lived abroad.

We have updated the firmware often. But if the old works for you on an MPCNC, it should work with the new primo.

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