Finishing Pass the Answer?

Wow I am jealous and hungry! :laughing:

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Oh wow, now I’m going to have to try this.

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Broke the cardinal rule and changed more than one thing at once. However, I have a limited amount of cedar and this sign is for my church so whatever helps was done.

All of the suggestions here definitely helped. I cut the speed in half to 15mm/sec, changed the ramp angle to 45 degrees, changed to conventional milling and changed the step down to 4.75mm. All of which only added 9 min or so and turned out some pretty nice cuts with no failures.

The main change is instead of having a “dent” now I have a “bump” I assume thats from changing to conventional milling.

Im cutting along the x axis for these parts. Maybe I shouldn’t be? Its just how the sign was designed in CAD and I didnt move it around. Also, like a ding dong, I once again forgot a finishing pass. I have one more board to cut and Im hoping to finally remember to add that and see how it turns out. I would much rather have a bump though, as that can be sanded.

In the Imgur link you can see at the end of the cut how the bit kind of jumps. I think it is flex in the x axis as I very closely watched the y motors and they did not move a bit when it came to that point. I dont know if there is a way to remove that. My struts are 1/4 underlay plywood. Should I cut them out of something else?


Looki n g very nice a little easier to sand out the bump than a dip

Finally remembered to add a finishing pass. Basically made the bump disappear. Barely anything left to see or sand which is nice.

However, seems like the flex is still an issue and at some point will bite me.

Does any one have any ideas to check or modify to remove the flex I have? (its 4’ in the x direction)

The bit still jumps quite a bit at the end of every pass.

Can you do another video showing the end braces, XZ Plate, YZ Plate and Linear Rails as you move (flex) the gantry. Something seems loose here, but it’s hard to tell where from the angle that you have shown.