Filament issue

I’m not sure what went wrong here, but the filament started coming out the side if the extruder. Any ideas?

That usually happens when you get a clogged nozzle or try to extrude too fast.

Maybe my extruder steps are set incorrectly. What should they be for the A4899 driver?

Half what they would be for a 8825, so you might have been trying to push double the length. You should fix that and do a 100mm extrusion test to verify.

The extruder tube was plugged solid. I was using a stainless steel nozzel at 200 degrees. The extruder fan wasn’t running which might have caused the problem.

Any other suggestions to prevent plugs?

Thanks for your help.







The extruder can should never be off. If it’s not working, don’t use the printer.

I tried the print again with the fan working this time. It plugged again halfway through a print of the benchy boat. Are plugs more common with stainless steel nozzles? Could the heat tube be defective.

1-Lets see a picture of your extruder, in a few angles so we can see your hot end and throat.

2-Also please post your Gcode, please Zip it.

3- Is your heatsink fan always on?

4- Pictures of the most recent partial print you have.


I sped the fan up and switched back to a brass nozzel and it printed fine. I'm going to test again with the stainless steel nozzel.

Stainless sucks for heat transfer, that’s probably part of the problem.

Doesn’t solve the problem (in case heat is the issue), but you might want to use this anyway:

This won’t work. That is for bowden style. Ours should have the throat very close to the gear and even the nut inside. I asked to see a picture because this could be the issue. You are correct though, I have a feeling this area is the issue as well. Heat transfer is a tricky issue.