Favorite filament company?

I am having supply issues with my current company. Just looking for a few suggestions to contact about larger orders.



I don’t print enough to have a decent opinion. I don’t like the microcenter stuff, and I like hatchbox and makergeeks. makergeeks want a higher print temperature, even for the non-raptor stuff.

Hatchbox keeps running out of colors. Maker geeks I have a few kinds of issues with so I would rather not use them. I can look into microcenter, I think they are esun though? Not that I have a problem with that just trying to get closer to the source.

Hatchbox of the manufacturer for a few companies. When they are running low I get differently labeled spools.

I can wait for MRRF to see who is there I guess. I will have to buy some at retail to keep me running until then.

Pardon my ignorance on the topic but would it be worth it to get filament overseas? The freight cost is super high if it is by plane, something $10/kg ish. They don’t put anything small on boats.

I always bought no brand ebay PLA and it worked fine. Didn’t try much else.

There is also the filastruder which I thought was cool. You could buy the raw material in pellets then extrude your own filament. The cost, after all, mostly comes from holding that extrusion tolerance.

Makergeeks and a few others actually make it here in the US. Makergeeks retail prices are pretty good but I never felt I liked it enough for a bulk order (if they offer it). One of the others wants something closer to 25/roll with a large bulk order.

Hatchbox and most of the others ship it in from overseas. and they are extremely large suppliers. It has proven to be cheaper and easier to get it once it is already in the US. Importing pallets of filament isn’t worth the savings, for me. The bummer is Hatchbox just keeps running out. The quality is great, the price is great, the prints are great.

Esun was awesome for a while then I got a few bad rolls in a row.

I would like to get on board with a US company for a few reasons but the prices…yikes.

I like makergeeks my self. I sub to their monthly box. So i have quite a lot.They do offer bulk buys, theyll even brand it for you if you wanted to sell your own. And free shipping.

Maybe I will get in contact with them and give them another try.

What was your issue before?

Just checked their sit, 18.48 a roll if you by 12.

Well one issue that is fair to share publicly was the higher print temps were killing my ptfe sleeves way more often than the other companies lower temps. Now that I have a switched all of them to microswiss throats maybe that won’t be an issue.

Funny, I recognize the spools from another company I emailed…makergreeks re-branded re-sellers I guess.

Believe it or not that is still high. I do buy in larger quantities though so maybe they can bring that down a bit more.

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The temps are high, i used their raptor to print parts for my mpcnc. At least i wont worry too much about the heat durring the summer now. Lol.

My only real issue i have is some times rolls dont come propperly vacuumed sealed. Not that ive notice a differece in its print quality.

I like Inland’s PLA (it is Microcenter’s brand). Pretty consistent results at $15/spool.

You may get it from Amazon for the same price.

When buying in bulk some rolls end up sitting for longer than usual and a brittle roll really can be a huge bummer.

I have used inland and I do believe it was good. I can’t remember why I stopped. Thanks, I will have to look into them again.

I like eSun PLA+ & PETG. I either get it from amazon or directly from the importer https://intservo.com/

Intservo does not seem to carry the 10 roll wholesale bundle in plain PLA.

Depending on what color amazon is pricing lower, I can usually find it for less on Amazon.

I’ve gone through about 2-1/2kg of filament from http://thefoxsmart.com/

Zero problems with it in my XYZ Da Vinci Jr. running at 210C. Not sure what kind of availability they would have for bulk orders though.

The tiny foxsmart rolls have been a problem for me before. I have tried them. It is wound real tight and it can break or just get hung up.

I’ll email interservo. Or double check on Amazon.

I’ve had good luck with WYZ Worx from Amazon

I use almost exclusively PLA and have had no issues with it.

My favorites are fluorescent orange, yellow or green and plain white.

Excellent quality and right at $20/1 kg roll shipped free in two days

New to me, I will try to figure out who makes it for them.

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