Fan on archim v1

HI does some one know how can i
Connect a colling fan to a archim v1 board

Just wire it to 12V directly. Assuming it is a 12V fan.

Yeah, after the new Marlin update, I couldn’t control it on my rambo with the fan_controller option anymore, broke at compile. Used to run it on pin 6 I think. Gave up. My archim needed me to erase it dang near every time I flashed, so THAT was a lot of trouble. It’s neat to control it with software, but not worth the hassle, imo.

OK thx jeffeb3

Yes i wanted to control it but it looks like is a bit of a hassle

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Putting it mildly…

Tony, if you don’t mind me asking, how did you get the archim board to let you flash it with the arguing IDE? I can’t get either of my boards to take an upload

Using arduino ide on Linux. I got to where I’d just hold the reset button to clear the board before flashing, because about half the time the ide would say it was done uploading, but I’d boot the board and the splash screen still had the wrong version on it.

Thanks I’ll try that