Export dimensions with .dxf?

I have designed a camp kitchen in Fusion 360 and it has worked perfectly.

What I want to be able to do is export the panels as eg .dxf files but with the dimensions on it for a mate interstate to download, print out and cut out with his jig saw.

He has given me the dimensions that will fit his boat and now for me to simply redraw the object and send him some files he can print and use as plans seems really hard.

I can convert the dxf to pdf etc online but I can’t see how I can get the dimensions with the lines?

Am I missing something really obvious?

ie is there another export format I can use etc?


Since a .dxf drawing comes already dimensioned, having dimension lines on it is kind of counter to what you’d want to do with it. Almost any CAD program should be able to import the drawing and then you can use the CAD to measure anything that you should need to.

On the other hand, if you pass it to something to cut it, you probably don’t want to cut out dimension lines and figures.

If you want to print a blueprint (A drawing with dimensioning etc included) then you might want to look at this link for turning a Fusion360 document into a blueprint.

In the last post in this topic, I attached a ZIP file containing PDFs for the 25.4mm tubing version of the flat parts. If you print them out at acutal size (or sometimes it is labeled 100%), they will be correctly sized. I’ve included one measurement so that the printed size can be checked.

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Use the F360 drawing toolbox to make section views of the parts. It has built in dimensioning tools to show what is required. It is not much extra work to make technical drawings from a design this way. I learned it in a few minutes of randomly clicking around, but there are videos online that can assist if needed. The drawing files could then be printed in useable form.

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Thanks but the more I think about this the less I think i will go down this road. I think the easiest is to cut the bits out at my place and post them to him in a box.

It just seems too hard as he does not have a large format printer anyway.

Thanks but figure I will stop here.