Everything With iPad Pro

Im trying to use my iPad Pro like my only dispositive.
I want to know if someone here is using the ipad for design, generate g-code and to send it to carve it. And how are you doing that, and tools or apps.
Any idea?

I have seen people use onshape for cad on the ipad. I would guess kiri moto would work for cam. Then you could either use the lcd or a v1pi for the gcode sender.

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I see now that onshape you can export to some extension files, But you have to do the mill config and Generate de gcode later in other place. Could you do that in v1…?

A pi can run bcnc or maybe freecad. I am pretty sure it can’t run estlcam. But most v1pi users don’t attach a keyboard and monitor, they just connect to the web server to upload gcode and set up the job.

I think you can connect to kiri:moto. Either directly as an add on in onshape, or just visiting the website separately. Most of the interesting work from kiri:moto runs on the server side.

There is some more detail in the software workflow. But this particular pipeline isn’t well documented.

I was testing ipad onshape version, and it have not post processing to generate the gcode. I cant find the way to Generate the gcode in the ipad to send it to Octoprint.

What you’re calling “post processing”, I call CAM. Onshape doesn’t do CAM. Kiro:moto does.

Exactly, I mean that I cant add on kiri:moto in ipad onshape version or I dont see how to do it.
Have you the link to the video that you saw about that ipad workflow?

What about jscut.org? Never looked into it, but it might be of use?

Finally I find the way. Create with shaper3d, saving to svg, editing online with openbuilds cam, generating gcode. Next I have to test with any sender or octoprint, or something

Shit! Thats happen when I try to save the gcode. I tried in firefox and chrome too

What about jscut.org?

Uploaded but nothing happens