EU version 25mm pipe - mount plate holes take M5 nuts???

So i have just designed a custom mount which should bolt my mckeller router to the mount plate which was printed from the EU kit off thingverse.

I bought the nut and bolt hardware from the parts BOM RHS (metric) side.

Looking at the mount plate i have it has hex holes for 8mm across the flats. this tallies with #6-32 Nylock nuts which are 0.313 inch across the flats or 8mm to us Brits, this is equivalent to M5 not M3.5.

Now when i offer up an M5 or #6-32 nut to say the corner pieces where they would be used on the US version (imperial) the nuts are snug against the hex outline. This makes me think really the design in some respects is not re-engineered to work with M3.5 from the BOM which just dont snug up nice.

An issue i have with the M5 for the mount is that the bolt doesnt fit in the holes. I need to get hold of a #6/32 nut and bolt to see whether actually they would do a proper job as M5 bolts are too girthy.

The shame is i didnt check all this before printing my mounts and so i may have to redesign it just to accommodate for the M5/#6-32 nut holes.
Can anybody in the with the EU kit using metric parts check this out for me?

It might be smarter for me to order some Imperial nuts and bolts if they are gonna fit nicer.

You can hot glue them in, or there are spacers on thingiverse. Unfortunately all hardware varies in size I have made nut holes to fit the largest one.

This is in the forums in a few places.

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Spacers wont work in a few of the places in the design anywhere near as nice a finding the #6-32 screws and nylock nuts. I think perhaps change the bom cause really M3.5 is not a good compromise (neither is M4 really) and you can get #6-32 screws and the equivalent nuts easy enough over here, found some on ebay so will order them, then i wont have to change my design since it took its lead from your hex holes on the mount plate but cant use m5’s as the heads are to wide. Very close to doing an assembly of it all. just gotta go buy some curtain rail 25mm. Thanks for the quick reply and ill do my best to make a tidy job of this.

EDIT - Had a look for those spacers, They were for M4, but made me think i could have a go at doing some for M3.5 and not waste the hardware i already have. Have fabbed some up in Fusion.


where can i find it?


well homemade spacers are working a treat, thanks for the tip. first ones came out too small on the inside and worked for an m3 nut, second batch was perfect for M3.5 Thats about £18 saved in extra nuts and bolts.

Awesome! I know it’s kind of a pain but it is hard to make something work perfectly all over the world. I am glad you tried it out.

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