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This may be obvious but I believe the standard gcode comment is to start with a semicolon. So to remove the comment lines Estlcam from the output gcode file just open it in a text editor and substitute the ( character for ; and do a REPLACE ALL then you don’t have to manually delete all lines enclosed in parentheses. I couldn’t find a way in Estlcam to not have it generate these comment lines.

I found where you can edit the test that Estlcam puts in the gcode its under the setup tab next to workspace then texts tab then program start, there are other tabs there as well that you can edit.

Tested it and it works great no more generate code and delete stuff before you run it…

I found the same it is in the starting code.

Btw if you use the settings for grbl output repetier will run the .nc code just fine.

If you run Simplify3D it will open and run .nc files but you have to select “display all files”


I’m the programmer of Estlcam.
If you like I can create a preset for your CNC control software and include it with the next update.
Can someone send me a well working example file to ?

If you have any questions about the program just ask.


Awesome! I’ll try and get you a file this weekend.

Thank you very much for the program, very easy to use. I have recommended it since I first tried it.

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Did the Estlcam setup get created?

Yes! Christian did a great job. I changed the estlcam tutorial a bit to reflect the changes. Basically just use the Marlin settings.

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Estlcams USB CNC controller now supports a GRBL compatible pin layout:

Maybe this is interesting for some of you if you’re using an Arduino UNO with GRBL - especially if you want to use a gamepad to jog the machine.
(However it is unfortunately not compatible with Marlin / Ramps hardware - maybe I’ll add this in the future).


I have a grbl compatible board, but I haven’t tried it yet. Still doing to much 3D printing. I need to finish the second machine so I can get back to cutting and see what grbl is all about.

Thanks for keeping us up to date Christian.

I want to say THANK YOU to Christian for a great product. After proving the software met my needs I am happy to say that I bought a license for EstlCam.

Support the developer who is helping us!!


Yes, thanks Christian for Estlcam. I had an older Arduino Uno (not an R3) lying around, unused, and with the instructions in the video above made it work on my old XP laptop - no electronics attached yet - ran Gcode etc etc. It did not seem to like working on my Win 7 64 bit pc - resetting Z axis to ‘0’ reset X and Y as well. So obviously need the R3 one with the pc.

I would welcome a direct connection from EstlCam to ‘Marlin’ boards - make gcode and ‘GO’!!

Just purchased mine. Great product, and so cool that Christian added specific support for the MPCNC. Thanks, Christian!


I purchased Estlcam and I love it. Only thing is I don’t know how to pocket in between two drawings. Like an Aztec pyramid having outer pockets that are lower and inner pockets that gradually get higher. I can’t seem to get it to work. Any advice? Also when I upload an estl version it takes 9hours to mill versus 3 hours. I am currently using autocad and simply offsetting the perimeters as a smaller width than the bit and manually engraving each line but it gets tiring doing this every time I try to achieve this.

On the outer most line you should be able to select, inside (select a depth and pocket), as you step in you just repeat the steps deeper and deeper. Did that not work?

I’m trying to do it the other way around, the inner most point being the highest and the outermost being the lowest.

Try bringing it in as a solid stl and cut it that way.

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I’m having difficulty with the carve tool. It does not respond to tool depth. Also some sections of my lines are randomly machined at almost half the depth. Any clues?

If your lines are narrow it will not go very deep. It is carving it. You can mill it and it will go to whatever depth you want. The carve function is for a v bit and pointed lines. A mill can not get you a pointed line it will always have the round of the bit radius.

With the carve it will only go the full depth if you have a large open area or a line wider than your v bit angle.