Estlcam wont save as cnc program

It Wont save my sign i made as gcode. it just freezes. happend on two computers.


these are the files



Can you walk me through the steps on what you are trying to so. I am not fully understanding the problem. You are creating engraving paths, and then pressing “save cnc program”? If that is the case can you show me a screen shot of your paths, if that is not what you are doing can you give me a step by step.

I’m not sure what you mean be my path. But I’m importing a svg. Carve all of the items and set priameteres. His save as cnc program. And it just keeps spinning and never loads after I choose a place to export it

Lets see a screen shot of your carve paths, preferably with a grid in the background so we can know the size.

Actually, does this work and save for you?

I have had it take a super long time (long enough that I didn’t wait for it to finish). Iirc, it was when I was doing carving operations and I have a small step over, so it was taking a really long time to compute the pocket. At some point I realized that if it would take that long to compute the paths, I don’t have the patience to run it. Trying Ryan’s tutorial will tell us if it’s your set up or your design.

I didn’t check the files you posted. Was one the project file? Or does that freeze as well?

I attached the e10 and the svg

I don’t have my computer with me and I won’t have it until later tonight.

In the two links above, I see one svg file (chestnuts roasting on an open fire), and one instructions for hanging a flag.

After playing with the svg for a minute, I can’t find anything wrong with it. I did some carving and some hole/pocketing and it didn’t freeze. I think we’ll need the .e10 and a screenshot will help. It must be some operation or setting that’s made it go bananas.

here are some


The diameter of your vbit is incorrect it shoudl be either 1/8" or whatever the bit is. Your other settings are a bittoo shallow and too fast but not enough to crash the program… You also 100% must have rapids set in your last screen shot.

Please review the estlcam basics page.

so what do you suggest I do

Yep, that’s definitely crashing my estlcam too. If I leave all the carves in there, I get a message (I forgot to screenshot it) like "unexpected error occured :frowning: ". I am currently trying to preview just the “Chestnuts” part, and it’s cranking at 100% CPU, and 3% memory. I’m not a carving expert, but I don’t see anything terrible about the way this is set up.

I think the next step is to send it Christian. He will sometime pop up in these forums, but I’ve had good success emailing him with outlier bugs like this one. I would include the estlcam version you have and the .e10 file.

Ah, I was typing while you were all talking…

I am assuming here but first thing is change the vbit diameter to 1/8" (or whatever diameter your bit is??), Depth of cut to 0.12", feedrate XY to 8mm/s, feedrate z to 3mm/s, I don’t know your bit angle but 60 might be correct. And you 100% have to have what is shown in this picture.

Ok so I’m a noob …

this is the bit so what diameter would it be

The diameter at the thickest point in the cutting edge, so if it’s a 1/8" shaft, and it’s tapering down to a point, then the size is 1/8"

The pocketing tool is also set to the v bit, and the v bit has a 5% stepover (it will complain to you that higher than 20% will look awful and suggests 5%) But that will also take years to finish. You will either have to change the stepover to something higher, or use another endmill, with a higher stepover to do the pocketing.

I was messing around with just the small ‘L’ at the bottom and it’s trying to polish the thing with that the tip of the bit. The tree will take hours with these settings.

so mines z 1/4 inch