Estlcam to repetier host issues

Has anyone had issues with files going from estlcam to repetier host? I am working on trying Ryan’s crown, set up the crown as instructed in estlcam, save as g code, and then open in repetier. And this is what happens….it’s like the circular shapes are scaled up for some reason. I’ve tried all sorts of things and can’t seem to figure out why this happens.

This bug in Repetier-Host has come up on this forum several times. If I remember correctly, it is only a bug with the Repetier-Host visuals and is not reflected in the cuts made by the MPCNC. You can verify your g-code by pasting it into an online g-code simulator/visualizer. I usually use this one, but only because it comes up first on my search. There are a bunch more on the net.

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Oh, that is fantastic to hear. Here I was thinking I was screwing something up or had a setting down deep that was wrong. I will definitely give this a try and see if that’s all it is!

Odd repetier doesn’t handle arcs right anymore?

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