Estlcam: 'there are no objects yet'.

Hi, succesfully made my first pen-plot today. It’s fantastic to watch everything is working fine! Thanks Vicious…
I used your ready made logo. But now trying a .dxf file in Estlcam. Doing all the settings like your instructions but when I try to ‘save CNC program’ I get the message ‘there are no objects yet’. And I can’t select the object with the mouse or Ctrl-A.
What’s the trick?


Put up a screen shot of what it looks like right before you try and save.

You have to explicitly select the dxf layer before you can add any cuts. Until you do that there’s not any work to be done. Try going to view; layers then select the imported DXF layer and finally let it create toolpaths automatically and see what you get.

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That’s it, thanks Bill.