ESTLCAM - Reverse Direction of One Segment

I have a series of shapes (spirals) in a design for my sand table. In ESTLCAM, I made short segments that connected the outer end of each spiral to the center of the next one to print. I then used machining order to make sure they all ran in the right sequence. Everything is fine, except that with two of the spirals, the tool moves to the center where it’s supposed to print the spiral, but then does a travel move out to the outer edge of the spiral and prints inward. It then does another travel move back to the outer edge. I need to reverse the direction of these two spirals. Does anyone know of a way to do that in ESTLCAM?

It should start where you click/select from. There should also be an arrow if I am not mistaken.

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Here’s the design and the resulting toolpath. There shouldn’t be any travel moves, but you can see two, one around 6 o’clock and one around 9. At those points the tool is jumping to the outside and printing inward. Weird. No arrows that I can see.

I guess I could try re-selecting the segments. I’ll give that a try. Means re-doing the machining order, which I was trying to avoid.

[attachment file=41784]
[attachment file=41785]

That was it, Ryan. Thanks! I will pay more attention to where I click on segments from now on.