Estlcam outputs original dxf at a smaller scale

I am new to MPCNC a few days. My first attempts of cutting a dxf file using Estlcam keeps cutting about 60% smaller than original. What can I try to resolve this? Thanks.

How did the crown turn out?

If you answer in the sticky we can get to the bottom of this faster.


I’ll try that this morning. Thanks Ryan.

Hi Ryan. Sorry not being able to respond sooner but we’ve just moved house and I have only just got setup again. I have posted a video on youtube which outlines the problem. Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks Rob

You are using estlcam for your firmware, you will have to calibrate it for your electronics and hardware. I recommend you learn it the way I sell it before trying it that way. It works great when it works but he updates that part a lot so there are issues sometimes and if you don’t know whats going on you can’t tell if it is a bug or a problem.

If you use my firmware and repetier or an lcd it will work as is.

Thanks Ryan I’ll try again as you suggest.