Estlcam Grid modification?

Simple question; is there a way to add numbers to the grid at x intervals? I’d like to have a quick reference to the size and love the ability to divide it up but would like to see something like numbers every 5 or 10 spaces? I use the grid in Photoshop all the time and am just more comfortable than having to count it out.

Interesting question. As a workaround you can put a .dxf with the number. Please find an example I’ve attached. It’s done with OpenSCAD. A number put each 100mm (10 my spaces). Here is how it looks in my EstlCAM:
You can add the number with File->Insert comand. You can turn the numbers off or delete them with View->Layers dialog.

Hmm. It’s not permitted to upload dxfs. Maybe zip file will do. (92.6 KB)

Interesting solution, thanks!