estlcam and steps/mm z-axis

the settings I am using for x and y axis are perfectly dialed in; however, the z-axis is not working properly (stock 5/16 threaded rod from vicious). I’ve tried 1/16 and 1/32 with proper calculation (from reprap) for the steps per mm (something like 4535 when in 32).

estlcam will display I have moved the z axis over 20mm for just as little as 0.2mm. nothing is binding, the axis moves smooth in both directions. I even tried a value of 800 like vicious did (his post in another thread re: estlcam and mpcnc) - the z axis barely moved with that value…

I should point out that I am using estlcam to drive the machine as well (flashed).

Any thoughts?

Have a second look at that post, 1/4 stepping, jumpers are shown 800.

From there if it is still wrong you can do the standard calibration math to fine tune it, but that was dead on for me.