ESP-01S USB dev board flash downloader sync status?

I’m following the documentation to add the ESP-01S wifi module to my SKR Pro 1.2. I ordered the module and a USB dev board, but the dev board doesn’t have a switch on it. I started the process to erase the module but I’m not sure if it’s working - the download status is at Sync and the command window just stays at case OK.

The USB interface does show up as a COM port in Windows. Did I order the wrong USB interface and if so am I basically stuck at replacing it? Or is there some other way I can proceed with a Windows PC?

Post a picture of the board you have… both sides.

In case it makes a difference, the rectangular IC on the USB board is labeled iFT232-S16 AQ6AG4. 1

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You need to ground IO0 to force the esp-01 into programming mode. I soldered a small slide switch between gnd and IO0 to do this, after that, the esp-01 should accept the flash.


This is the way!

I modified a similar board in a similar way, except I used a momentary contact pushbutton.
It was for a community member at the local makerspace, so I don’t have pictures nor still have the one I modified.

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Dang, I don’t have any of those switches available and I don’t think I have any e-waste that has one.

Would this board suffice instead? I’ve got a local Micro Center that I can eventually hit up.

That board should work. Looks like you get a bonus ESP-01 with it as well. (Not an ESP-01S)

Microcenter does sell pushbutton and slide switches as well, if you should feel motivated to modify your existing USB board.

For eight bucks and not having to wait for China shipping, I’ll happily buy the Micro Center setup and if the switch is cheap, I’ll get a couple to learn on.

Ha, a switch sounds so much better than what I did:

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But it worked…